Beautiful Beautiful (Once Upon a Time Today, #1)

Beautiful Beautiful (Once Upon a Time Today, #1) - Heidi Garrett Overall: Beautiful Beautiful was, well beautiful. It was a unique set-up with a mother telling her daughter a bedtime story that is a veiled story about how she met her husband paired with flashbacks that correspond with the story's progression, make sense? It was very unique and captivating. It was a very quick read, good for waiting in line or things like that. I read it in 2-3 hours max. The setting of Glitter City was majestic. the whole thing was very magical really felt like a modern fairy-tale, which I am loving right now. The story's progression was very smooth and easy to follow. The lessons about beauty apply both to children and to adults, which is the sign of a good bedtime story. I liked that Kerrin worked her way to the top regardless of both scandals, no spoilers here, and didn't let bad publicity stop her. My only issue is the length, I wanted more info, more after the ending, but I suppose that's why this is book #1. I'm definitely going to pick up #2. All in all, short and sweet. Perfect for relaxing for an hour or two.

Characters: Absolutely loved Kerrin and her determination. I loved Anthony and then I hated him, the writing was so captivating that I adopted the feelings Kerrin had towards Anthony as they changed. My feelings matched up perfectly, which almost never happens. I love love love Mark and his directness, especially at the end. Kerrins friends were perfect friends, loyal and understanding. I loved the description of Merni (I think that's how you spell it), always calling her a rectangle and such. That made me laugh.

Quotes: "'Not mean or bad, full of sorrow, I think'
'Sad kings aren't scary,' Mibi said.
'They are when they cry so many tears they drown the whole world'

(The blue part was my favorite)

Recommend?: Oh yes, 5/5 stars. Beautiful, captivating, quick. All the elements of a wonderful read!