All In - Marta Brown Overall: This book was so freaking cute. It's the story of a "stay" or vacationer Ashley and a "local" boy named Lane falling in love. To start off, the characters were really well developed before they even met. The author did an amazing job introducing backstory of both Lane and Ashley before they met. I loved the switching perspectives between Ashley and Lane, y'all know I love me some switching perspective books. I liked how they met too, with Lane standing up for her and such. I found the plot to be predictable but very good, I wasn't bored even though I knew what was going to happen. Lane and Ashley together were so cute, especially the night when Ashley dances for Lane at the pool. That's my favorite scene in the whole entire book. I loved that both Ashley and Lane had problems outside of each other and could be independent for awhile if they needed to be. Like Lane trying to earn enough money to get into college and Ashley trying to please her parents. It was so frustrating when Ashley's parents just wrote Lane off as being bad just because he was a "local" or whatever. The accident (I wont tell you what or who is involved) was so sad and irritating for reasons you would know if you go read this book! This book was very summery, which I loved since summer is drawing closer to it's end and school is starting up again. It gave me a way to be in summer for an hour or two each day when I found time to read it.

Characters: Obviously I loved Lane and Ashley, but I really loved Andrew. With the big brotherly attitude and his cuteness, he was perfect. I also really liked Lane's grandpa. He was sweet and wise and perfect. I hate/loved Greg because he was the best villain almost ever in a love story like this. Kudos to his imagination. Everyone else was alright. I really disliked Ashley's parents even after the change of heart at the end. I'm so glad my parents aren't like that!

Quotes: “'Dude, when a girl’s screaming to be let go, it’s a pretty good indicator that she doesn't want you, prince or not.'”

"This time, I’m the one who gets caught watching one of the waitstaff walk away."

Recommend?: Yes, very cute very romantic read. 4/5 stars!