Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures, Book 1)

Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia Overall: This book was really good! It was creative and very well written. For some reason, though, I had a really hard time getting through it. I kept reading other books in between, and I never do that. It was odd. But the book itself was very original. The ending made me very mad because a certain someone died because a certain someone else was stupid and only cared about herself. The setting was very cute and pretty much perfect. The book required a lot of imagination, though, so I am kind of wary to go see the movie. Books like that almost never turn out to be good movies, but Harry Potter proved this statement wrong, right? The love story was cute and the connection was very cool. The characters were all wonderful. This book was just amazing!

Characters: Loved Macon. I wish my uncle was that cool. I also loved Marian. Both were very awesome parental figures that are only present in books. A sad, but true fact. If you have someone like this comment so I know mine is out there!

Quotes: "'I can only give you the books. I can't give you the answers.' But she smiled all the same.'The thing about fate is, are you the master of your fate, or are the stars?'

"You cant jump off a cliff when you've already fallen off a bigger one"

"Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future"

Recommend? Yes! I give it 4/5 only because it was so hard to get through. Probably a me issue and not a book issue. Very good!

Salaam, Lived One Thousand Lives