Visions: The Secret Watchers (Book One) (The Secret Wachers)

Visions - Lauren Klever Overall: I enjoyed this book. It was a different kind of supernatural type book. I loved the idea behind the "secret watchers". It really challenged what was too much to do for someone else's safety. The plot was good. I felt like the end should have been more climactic, but the rest of the book was good. There were many ups and downs about how I feel about the book. I thought the whole Lucy thing was stretched way to far. Like seriously date or don't, it got on my nerves. I did like the fact that Owen needed his friends to help him. He wasn't a typical "super hero" type person who stands alone. The whole book wasn't bad, it was an enjoyable book.

Characters: I loved Sarah. She turned out to be super awesome. I also loved White Eagle. Both were very wise and caring toward Owen, and really helped him push his limits.

Quotes: Didn't really see any that stood out.

Recommend?: Yes, it was good. It wasn't awful. The idea behind it was very interesting! I would give it 4/5 stars.