One True Theory of Love

One True Theory of Love - Laura Fitzgerald Overall: I really liked this book. It wasn't your typical romance novel. It had a different point of view, focusing on the people around the main characters as well as her and her relationship. The idea of the "Hokey-Pokey" theory was very cute. I also enjoyed the different aspects that she brought to her kindergarten class. The book was extremely cute. I like that it showed love at many different stages. I feel that this was a nice touch. The whole Johnathan thing was very unexpected. The whole darn book was just awesome.

Characters: I really loved Ahmed and Henry. Shocker, right? They were the two that are meant to be loved in the book, but i'm a stickler for little boys and perfect men. Ahmed: perfect, sweet, sensitive. Henry: Adorable, energetic, perfect. Need I say more?

Quotes: I didn't really find any that were super good. Most of the parts in italics at the beginning of each chapter were good, though.

Recommend?: Yes. This is such a good romance/chick-flick type of book. Definitely meant for girls. It was perfect. 5/5 stars.